Our lives have changed drastically over the past few weeks, and continue to evolve each and every day as we all collectively work to contain the threat of the coronavirus. There are, of course, the standard recommendations of making sure our aging loved ones have their medications and groceries, but perhaps the most overlooked detriment of sheltering in place is the lack of personal connection. Beyond shopping, running errands, and dropping off prescriptions, we at Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin recognize that maintaining a positive, compassionate, and thoughtful connection with our clients and loved ones is of utmost importance. Read on for a few easy, safe, and meaningful ways that make all the difference in the life of a loved one.

    1. Maintain a personal, consistent, and thoughtful connection while accomplishing vital tasks. Learn more about our Personal Assistants.

    2. Instead of dropping off groceries, prepare one of their favorite meals. Read about our Live-In Care services and Marty’s Story.

    3. Ask if they need help getting to or from an appointment; now, more than ever, it is important for our loved ones to see their primary care doctors and specialists. Our caregivers who administer Hourly Care are happy to help with safe transportation.

    4. Ask if your loved ones need help setting up technology to engage in virtual activities or provide other activities that are both safe and stimulating. Engaging in fortifying activities is especially important for those who are in quarantine and subject to cognitive impairment; learn more about our dedication to Cognitive Impairment Care and Louise’s Story.

    5. Provide personalized support for those entering or leaving a hospital stay, an assisted living community, or getting over an illness at home. When immune systems are fighting off other threats, such as a common cold or other strains of the flu, the body has fewer resources to fend off the threat of COVID-19. Our caregivers are trained specifically in hard-washing and other sanitation techniques.

Perhaps your loved ones need care beyond the periodic check-in. Perhaps you live out-of-town and are obliged to respect travel bans. Perhaps you are an essential worker and still employed full-time. Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin’s caregivers are trained in proper sanitation methods and can provide much-needed relief as we wait out the threat of the coronavirus. One-on-one, in-home care has never been more vital to the health, safety, comfort, and happiness of our aging loved ones. Call us today to discover the variety and flexibility of our services: our caregivers provide aid that covers everything from light personal assistance to comprehensive monitoring and care: (414) 964-8000.