As we all work together to contain the threat of COVID-19, it is imperative to recognize that older adults are more than twice as likely to suffer serious complications if they contract the virus according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently made an official statement about the serious impact the coronavirus has on our older population: “If you are an elderly person with an underlying condition, if you get infected, the risk of getting into trouble is considerable. So it’s our responsibility to protect the vulnerable. When I say ‘protect,’ I mean right now. Not wait until things get worse.”

It’s been a difficult task convincing the general population that we are facing a dangerous pandemic; aging loved ones can be especially difficult to convince of the severity of COVID-19. Below are 5 reasons that unequivocally state why our senior citizens need to take extra care during these turbulent times and shelter at home:

  • Older adults have immune systems that are less prepared to react appropriately to new microorganisms, as the body produces fewer T cells with advancing age.1
  • Aging adults have, on the whole, suffered more attacks on the immune system throughout their lives, weakening its defenses and slowing its response time.1
  • According to the CDC, the sharpest divide is manifested in those individuals over 70 years of age; the virus becomes twice as fatal for those over 70.2
  • Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the CDC recently issued a warning for older adults and other individuals at high risk, including those with asthma, a history of lung cancer, and other related diagnoses, as they are even more susceptible to the virus.2
  • Harvard researchers have stated that the jury is still out on how long the effects of the coronavirus will impact our communities.  Accordingly, in-home care is the safe and responsible option for the foreseeable future.3

We at Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin find our in-home care solutions are now more than ever essential for providing seniors with safe, compassionate, and responsible care. Our staff undergo rigorous sanitation training and we review proper hand-washing techniques often. We are proud to offer uncompromising support for seniors who require extra attention by offering everything from light help in the form of personal assistants to around-the-clock essential care—all from the safety and comfort of your loved one’s home.

While the curve is slowly flattening, we are not out of the woods yet. Relaxing restrictions, especially for older adults, could result in a resurgence of the epidemic and even more affected individuals. It is imperative to shelter at home for the time being, and likely some time after the virus’ threat is eradicated. We at Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin are proud and honored to offer safe, compassionate, and effective in-home services for your loved ones. Please contact us today to learn more about the range of services we offer, the measures we are taking to protect our clients, and the incomparable value of our in-home care services—especially under these unprecedented circumstances.

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